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Mädchen und Tier
  • © Hans Scheib
  • Repro: Berlinische Galerie
    • Hans Scheib (*1949)

  • TitleMädchen und Tier
  • Date1985
  • CategorySkulptur
  • MaterialHolz, bemalt (Dispersion auf Kiefer)
  • Dimensionsunterschiedlich (Objektmaß)
  • Amount2
  • Inventory NumberBG-S 3945/87
  • CreditlineErworben aus Mitteln der Künstlerförderung des Senators für Kulturelle Angelegenheiten, Berlin, 1986
  • On DisplayNo
Additional Reproductions

In 1977 Hans Scheib came from Dresden to the East-Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg with its influential subcultural scene. Here, he ran a shop-studio where he also produced the sculpture Du musst doch BEWAFFNET sein! / But you need to be ARMED! This outsized manikin contradicts every ideal of beauty with his bow legs and deformed facial features. Despite the huge club, the figure appears helpless – lost rather than frightening.

The sculpture was Hans Scheib’s mocking response to the state propaganda of the GDR. Didactic slogans were all that the latter could offer in opposition to the motto of the still young peace movement, “swords to ploughshares”, and its demand for a civil alternative to military service. And so in 1981, for example, an
action by the state youth organisation FDJ (Freie Deutsche Jugend) took place under the heading: “Peace must be defended – peace must be armed”. At the time the sculpture was being made, Hans Scheib left the official artists association and went on to leave the GDR only a year later.