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Centaur and Nymph
  • © Urheberrechte am Werk erloschen
  • Repro: Kai-Annett Becker
    • Reinhold Begas (1831 - 1911)

  • TitleCentaur and Nymph
  • Date1881
  • CategorySkulptur
  • MaterialBronze
  • DimensionsH 37,5 cm (Objektmaß)
  • FondsStudiensammlung Waldemar Grzimek
  • Inventory NumberBG-S-SG 1058/87
  • CreditlineErworben aus Mitteln des Senators für Kulturelle Angelegenheiten, Berlin, 1985
  • On DisplayNo
Additional Reproductions

The sculpture shows a voluptuous nymph about to mount a centaur, a creature half man, half horse, a motif that will be perceived as being erotic not only on account of the female figure’s unclad state and the centaur’s lustful gaze. Even in the present small-scale version, which bears testimony to the popularity of the original monumental sculpture, the complex composition of the group can be easily seen: bending his hind legs, the centaur forms some sort of stirrup with his left arm, and with his right arm over his shoulder, he helps the nymph climb on his back. With its direct illustration of weight and movement, the group is a good example of the neo-baroque of the late 19th century, whose main representative Begas here supersedes the classicism of his teacher Rauch. With its contrast of muscular, unrestrained centaur and beautiful, weak nymph, the group also conveys the concept of virility and femininity prevalent at that time. (Text: Stahlhut; Übersetzung: Werner Merz)