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  • © Ulf Aminde
    • Ulf Aminde (*1969)

  • TitleWeiter!Edition of 1 + 1 AP
  • Date2004
  • CategoryMedia-Installation
  • MaterialVideoinstallation; Minidv PAL, transferiert auf DVD mit Audio (9.42 min)
  • Dimensions53:13:05 min (Dauer)
  • Inventory NumberBG-O 12149/14
  • CreditlineErworben aus Mitteln der Deutschen Klassenlotterie Berlin von der Kulturverwaltung des Berliner Senats, 2014
  • On DisplayNo
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A group of punks are playing a game of musical chairs in a park in the Friedrichshain district of Berlin. In the background are the partial ruins of a building; because the facade that would have faced the park is missing, we can see inside the building, where there is a second group of punks. The overall impression is of a randomly observed scene from one of the numerous waste ground sites in Berlin that were created when the Berlin Wall came down. The lack of commercial opportunities combined with society’s general lack of interest in these locations effectively made them into legal no man’s lands, and a group of anarchist punks have decided to make use of this particular site. In this context, it is particularly odd that the group is playing musical chairs of all games, where the loser is the one who is left without a chair each time the music stops. The principle of the game, which is based on exclusion and competition, doesn’t really fit in with the punks’ anarchist philosophy. And the game eventually becomes a farce because everyone simply makes up their own rules: the participants left without a chair sit on the ground or on someone else’s lap, throw each other off the chairs, or else don’t leave the game and simply play on. The scene eventually degenerates into one of absurd chaos: Dogs start barking and join in with the wild dancing to the music, the white plastic chairs are broken up in the general confusion and, behind the camera, Ulf Amide drives the group on, telling them – in German – to “Keep going, keep going”!

What at first looks like a voyeuristic, almost ethnological insight into the group behaviour of the punks instead appears as a staged experiment with an open end, where Ulf Aminde interacts from the outside like a theatre director. The scene of the action becomes the stage for a leftist-anarchist lifestyle which occupies the leftover public space which is neglected by society. Here, the social rules and role conventions inherent in the game are in conflict with and reveal the reality of the supposedly radical autonomy of the punks. The playful situation suddenly comes off the rails and the creative reinterpretation of the rules eventually becomes an uncontrolled ‘every-man-for-himself’ which no longer has any rules. Against the background of increased interest in such waste ground sites over the last few years, Weiter! (Keep going!) is also a metaphor for the battle for communal social areas in public space.