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Berlin Street Scene
  • © Nick Duncan-Brown
  • Repro: Kai-Annett Becker
    • Nikolaus Braun (1900 - 1950)

  • TitleBerlin Street Scene
  • Date1921
  • CategoryGemälde
  • MaterialÖl auf Hartfaserplatte
  • Dimensions74 x 103 cm (Bildmaß), 84 x 112 x 4,5 cm (Rahmenmaß)
  • Signaturesigniert und datiert unten rechts: "N B 1921 XI"
  • InscriptionRückseite Aufkleber: "Galerie Brockstedt Hamburg Zeitungsausschnitt FAZ 25.11.76"
  • Inventory NumberBG-M 0075/76
  • CreditlineErworben aus Mitteln der Stiftung DKLB und aus Mitteln des Senators für Wissenschaft und Kunst, Berlin, 1976
  • On DisplayYes

The modern metropolis in Nikolaus Braun's painting is colourful, loud and full of contrasts. A Madonna with a halo is standing right in the middle of all this with her child, while the devil, a fiery-red figure, is standing at the top of the church spire. Nikolaus Braun’s view of the city may appear friendly and naive. It is only at second glance that viewers see the bitter truth: without sufficient means, a person will always remain an outsider, like the old beggar on the left. He is forced to go hungry even though there are halfpigs hanging up beside him. In addition, the prostheses remind us that thousands became cripples during the First World War. Braun and his artist friends from the left-wing Novembergruppe made a stand against such social injustices.