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The Temptation of the Knight
  • © Urheberrechte am Werk erloschen
  • Repro: Kai-Annett Becker
    • Wilhelm Gallhof (1878 - 1918)

  • TitleThe Temptation of the Knight
  • Datevor 1910
  • CategoryGemälde
  • MaterialÖl auf Leinwand
  • Dimensions130 x 150 cm (Bildmaß)
  • Signaturesigniert unten rechts: "Gallhof"
  • Inventory NumberBG-M 3402/83
  • CreditlineSchenkung Volker Westphal, 1983
  • On DisplayNo

Ever since Richard Wagner’s “Tannhäuser” of 1845, there was a surfeit of knights on horseback and seductive ladies in the art of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Wilhelm Gallhof’s variation on the subject is similar in ironic content to Lovis Corinth, his erstwhile teacher’s composition of “Perseus and Andromeda” (1900), in refusing to make clear if the armour does in fact contain a man, or if it is but an empty shell. Even more than in Corinth’s work, in Gallhof’s the motif is mere inspiration for the artist to show off a most delicate painterly quality that represents the various materials such as withered and young skin, ostrich feathers and armour in exquisite colours. Note, for instance, the combination of pink and bottle-green in the unveiled beauty. (Text: Stahlhut; Übersetzung: Werner Merz)