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Competition Model “Development of the Fruit-Growing Site of the Freie Universität Berlin”/Building of the Berlin Free University. Competititon. Concept Model
  • © Candilis, Josic, Woods, Schiedhelm

In 1963, the extension to the Free University Berlin was the largest civil engineering project in West Berlin to that date. An international competition for its design was won by the Paris office “Candilis-Josic-Woods with Schiedhelm and Greig”. The plans envisaged a flat structure consisting of telescoped, interlocking spatial structures (cluster principle). A networked system of openly accessible streets and paths linked the various facilities. Public footpaths, quiet inner courtyards and roofs with green vegetation allowed the users the greatest possible contact, as well as areas of seclusion. A modular building method provided the flexibility to change the buildings with new combinations if necessary, making them adaptable as the university developed further.